WTB Dread, Carrier with/without Rigs

I am looking for a Dread Phoenix and a Carrier Chiemera. With or without rigs or fitting. Location does not matter…please send me offers

nid + https://janice.e-351.com/a/kbb2E4 3.6b Podion VIII - Moon 15 - Nefantar Miner Association Mining Outpost

Chiemera + Appraisal CNMSjo @ Jita 4-4 split: 1,588,329,311.00 ISK | Janice 3.5b P-VYVL VII - Moon 1 - Guristas Assembly Plant

Nid is no longer necessary. and please no offers in null sec only low sec near Jita/Amar

I have a phoenix in Amarr lowsec. 3.5bil

Can you send me the fitting ingame at this char

Hull only. Whats your offer?

PN ingame^^

Have chimera in kheram lowsec…

2 Large capacitor control circuit II’s, otherwise unfit.

Would be nice to get 2.5b but Ill accept counter offers

Please write me ingame^^

Cumemare Chimera

Whats your offer?

CSPA Service Charge…come on its so 2005…write me ingame

Ingame msg. sent