WTS faction dreads

As title says. Lowsec stn, safe undock.

Caiman, Chemosh, Vehement.


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15 bil

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Thx for this two very nice lowballs :wink: atm have 42 and 43 b ingame offers. Bump.

Whoops thought the one on contract was Hull. Sorry

Just working my way up. 45 bil


lets try raffle it this weekend, if no, we continue here

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got 46b rdy

Hypernet offer expired, bump.


Phoenix for titan price still for sale

PM sent.

Better offer was above in topic, but thx for interest.

Still for sale

Actual. 46 is better offer atm, want little more.

Not sold yet

47b or Loggerhead BPC +7b

48 and bargain

Actual, no messages from this buyer.