WTB Caiman, Chemosh, Vehement, Leviathan, Avatar, Nyx, Wyvern, Aeon

Good morning,

I am looking to buy supers, faction dreads and titans. Please post your offers here or mail me in game. Thank you.

Kind regards,


All must be in NPC. Open to package deals for multiple huls. Thank you.


still looking

Sporadic daily bump.

Friends, Romans, Countrymen sell me your huls!

On the hunt for Caiman, Chemosh and Vehements, and all titans. Isk ready, reply here or mail in game. Thank you. Bon Weekend!

Also interested in T2 ammo bpos

daily bump

Still on the hunt for the aforementioned items.

The search continues! Especially interested in Erebus, Avatar, Caiman and Vehement. Reply here or in game.

Weekend bump

Up to the top, also interested in Raiju and Vendetta

Monday bump

Reply here or in game. Fast response, isk ready.

Up to the front.

Sell me your huls!

Still searching reply here or in game.

Bumping time

To the top!