WTS Caiman 40b

Ill sell you my caiman in lowsec for 40b
Currently rigged with
Capital Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer II
Capital Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer II
Capital Core Defense Capacitor Safeguard II

Will you take 38B?

contract to me for 40b

Just to clarify, as I had to for KiloAlpha, this is a sale of a BUILT Caiman in lowsec (the citadel). I can move it if required.

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I would still acept the Dagon+ISK deal :slight_smile:

40B ISK ready pm me if it’s still available. Offer for next 12 hours

Updated post, no longer looking to trade for Dagon, still 40b, also added the rigs on it as I forgot. Fus RoDah Assassin let me know if you’re still interested, sorry for the delay.

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