WTB Dread pilot

Ideally phoenix pilot, bonus points if it has gunnery + armor skills for rev/moros/zirn (or all 4). Needs solid support skills, JDC 5, appropriate shield and armor skills, missile/gunnery support skills maxed. No need for subcap skills outside of possibly blops/marauder.

Budget is up to 80b depending on how good the character is, less wasted skills = better price per SP. The character will need to have both perfect missile/shield skills and gunnery/armor skills to hit the upper bounds of my budget.

If your character is a strong gunnery dread pilot but doesn’t have phoenix skills, feel free to link it as well. Willing to forego the phoenix requirement for exceptional characters.

Please include your desired price along with the skillboard link.

Hi I’m the guy who just did a price competition on the Dread sale post.

I’m going to withdraw all the price I offered because I’m buying another character on better terms.

I’m sorry for making you suffer through useless price competition.


o7 thanks for the heads up!


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