WTB Dread pilots

I’m interested in buying a couple of dread pilots, preferable revelation pilots, but also happy with moros and may settle for a phoenix pilot. Not interested in pilots with lots of ‘wasted’ SP, i.e. not looking to buy any 100m+ sp characters. Preferable toons with 25-60m sp.

At a minimum
Jump Drive Calibration V
Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration V (T2 Siege)
Applicable dreadnought spaceship command to IV
Applicable capital weapons platform to IV (T2 preferred however)
Hull Upgrades V

Gunnery support skills to V (motion predication, surgical strike, etc)
Able to fly T2 Triage
Able to fly HIC
Able to fly legion
Able to fly ceptors
Cynosural Field Theory V
Cybernetics V

If you feel your toon is what i’m looking for please link eveskillboard and price or evemail me in game :slight_smile:

Hey there. Have a look at this dude: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Deos

Short name. Old as hell. Does have skills you probably wont want or need but hey, we wont know until you look and judge for yourself :slight_smile:

Drop me a mail if you are interested. He is just parked somewhere waiting to be sold or stripped.

back to the top :smiley:

still looking. No reasonable too refused :smiley:

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