WTB Entry level PvE Gal/Min Carrier pilot


(Brenda Pontus) #1

I am wanting a starter carrier toon with the all the skills needed trained to 1 or in head. A toon who can sit in a carrier but not be effective with its current trained skills would be perfect. Send me a link and make an offer. Thanks in advance.

Can answer more questions or clarify if needed.

(Jennifer Coco) #2

Well, a bit more than lvl1 skills, but that`s all about your budget

(Brenda Pontus) #3


(Brenda Pontus) #4


Hoping to find something soon!

(Brenda Pontus) #5


Still looking!

(Brenda Pontus) #6


(Brenda Pontus) #7

Still looking. You don’t have to have them trained at all. Just skillbooks in the head even! I’d pay for the subs to train it myself!


(Brenda Pontus) #8


(Brenda Pontus) #9

Still looking. Not asking for much! Just looking for a room with the books in head

(Brenda Pontus) #10

Bump up!

(Shadea Kavees) #11

How much? I have 200m on me… could always make some more isk but I’d need to have a look at the skills ur toon holds

(Brenda Pontus) #12

Oh sorry, I am actually looking to buy, not to sell. :frowning:

(Brenda Pontus) #13

Bump! Still looking for a toon that at least has all the books in his head to fully fly a carrier. They dont have to be trained though!

(Brenda Pontus) #14

bump up

(Brenda Pontus) #15


(Hatchet Mann) #16

Skills are all in head

(Brenda Pontus) #17

Would you be willing to go a little lower then 20b? A lot of the skills you’ve been for I don’t need when it comes to PvP. But otherwise your toon is perfect!
I’d be willing to take a lower SP character if you’d like to extract those skills!

(Hatchet Mann) #18

you want to convo me in game? I am on the character now

(Brenda Pontus) #19

Hopping on now!

(Speaker Ryan) #20

I’ve got a 20M sp Gal/Min carrier pilot if you’re interested.