WTS 23m SP Thanny pilot/Future NYX

WTS myself:


Carrier LVL5 (60m/tick for PVE)
T2 Fit
T2 Fighters

Can fly Nyx, just inject/train Heavy Fighters

Focused thanny pilot -> future Nyx
Almost all necessary skills to join cap group (JDC lvl5 in 14 days)

NPC corp, 4-4, Positive Wallet, No killrights
Make your offers.

20b b/o

21b ------

I’m willing to do 21,650,000,000 valid for about an hour or so before I fall asleep. Please reply to me here if you accept this offer, and you will have the ISK almost immediately.


Almost the highest I can go is 22.5b. Beyond that I will spend similar to inject.


Hi. I will accept 23b.

please check ISK into Jennifer Coco

all recieved. Ill start transfer soon. Thanks for fast reply

how long to complete?

Unfortunately due to real life i cant pay $ to transfer.

I have ticket open for 36h+ open already w/o answer for plex transfer(from moment when i recieved mail with account name). I hope for fast answer, but i said to you in Eve-mail - feelfree to ask me and i will send isk back.

If possible… I will pay 13 billion ISK in-game + pick up $$ transfer cost. Is that even possible? If so, let’s make it happen.


it’s okay I can keep waiting :wink:

Ok. But if it falls through… I can certainly go a bit higher in ISK & still cover the RL $$$. Just message me in-game (might miss it here)… best of luck. Hope it works out …

Shui Zhao

Sorry for such big delay, transfer done. Check mail/account

thx I have received

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