WTB Estamel resistance modules

as the title state : offer me blingies :wink:

i dont believe there is no one in EVE who don’t want to make same iskies :slight_smile: come on, chop chop. dust out your crates.

PM send in game

got DCU, what about some Estamel resistances ? interested in particular in Invulnerability fields .
bump bump

daily bump, got 1 diag, looking for 3 more

bump to the top

bump up up

bump the bumpi up

still looking

Got Draclira’s Modified Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane for 47.5b up for sale if u are interested :slight_smile:

  1. i am looking for SHIELD resistances and POWER diags ( again shield bonus etc )
  2. there is 1 guy selling same membrane for 45 bil, you dont really think that i am not reading all posts about officer modules, dont you :slight_smile: ? thanks for the “generous” offer though …

yea was missreading it. ur post is kinda confusing cough but thanks for ur response :slight_smile:

i edited the title, because figured your confusion :slight_smile:

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bump, still looking

next who email me and ask what i am offering and does not respond anything more, can go to a shiny place when the sun does not shine … seriously … :wink: with all the good feelings from my side of course

still looking

looking for ESTAMEL resistance modules

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