Officer Shield Mods


Bump - I’m open to trade and the price is negotiable of course.

6.25b for the EM & Thermal ?

7b and we got a deal

Contract 'em over.

Thank you.

These adaptives are worth 4b a pop not 12 for one bud. I’ll bid 13 for all 3.

Even that’s expensive as estamels are the only ones that are stronger than pith as

I know Jita isn’t the most accurate price point - but the cheapest on Jita is 13 - and they average from ~9.5 to 12b, so sorry but no thanks.

maybe interested… are these the same resists are piths or the 50% resists?

Same as Pith A’s. The one’s that offer 50% are the meta14 Estamel’s and show up on market only once or twice a year.


Jita prices for officer mods aren’t priced correctly. Officer mods don’t typically sell on the market but through contracts. This mod, being that it’s only benefit is being a blingy pith a, is not worth 12x the price of one just because it’s named. As I said if this was Estamels I’d happily pay 12 a pop for them. But seeing as these are just a luxury that dont help in tank or anything, I’ll just pay you what Ive seen them go for. 4b a pop. That offer stands if you don’t get buyers.

Contract accepted, ty for the mods.

As for the invuls - I see there are buy-orders up for 6b a piece. So an asking price of around 9b makes sense.

Good luck!

I can sell them on Jita sell for 6, Estamel’s invulns are gonna run you about 40-50 a pop, If you’re not interested in buying for a legitimate pricing, please don’t reply to this thread any further.

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