WTS Officer / Cormack's / Setele's gear

All located in high sec, 3 out from Jita

Cormack’s EANM x 2 - 40b each
Cormack’s active hardeners x 4 (as a set) - 8b
Cormack’s passive energized membranes x4 (as a set) - 9b
Cormack’s sebo x 2 - 5b ea
Cormack’s Tracking comp x 1 - 9b
Cormacks all together - 108b

Also have a Setele’s DC. - 17b

All of it together - 120b

When you say activate tank your talking the active resist mods not reps right?

yes, hardeners, ive clarified the post. ty.

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for all your faction titan needs.

price sir?

sir? Im offended.

Ill entertain any offers. Obviously the closer to market the more likely we are to make a deal.

can you mail me the price for all it


Sent, bump.

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Common! Lets sell some things!

and up up up again to the top.

and… for sale.

still no prices

as you wish…

trick out your kestrel, Cormack would approve.

When the devil went down to Georgia he used an officer fit. You should too.

Officer modules.
Sleek, shiny, pricey, pimp.


back up there… i guess…

slink back to the top!