WTS Mods Prices Adjusted

Draclira’s Modified Energized Explosive Membrane - 10 bil
Draclira’s Modified Energized Thermal Membrane - 10 bil
Shadow Serpentis 25000mm Steel Plates x 3 - 1 bil each
Dark Blood Capital Capacitor Booster - 3 bil
Abyssal Stasis Webifier - 60 bil
Heavy Abyssal Energy Neutralizer 1
Heavy Abyssal Energy Neutralizer 2

no me first


Price for lowslots only? :thinking:


Price for 2x Dracs EANM?

100 bil

price for 1 cormacks sebo and 1 cormacks tracking computer?

Same as jita sell whatever that is I’m not discounting the mods unless some takea them all

ill offer 9bill for the sebo since thats what the last one sold for in jita (since your using that as a metric for your prices on officer mods (lol)).

and 13.5 for the tracking comp (same reason)

(lol) no thanks

How much for capacitor boostewr and ab? thanks

bump added prices





Am h gas dB k

Need this 2 drac membranes:(

Pay the man and you shall receive