WTB: Faction Fortizars anywhere! pay now! open again


Offering 25-35b per Faction Fort

buying singles or mutiples!

Buying in High or Low Sec.

please contact me via mail or convo.


p.s. I am sorry for the multiple bumps, I am just editing the last post to reflect changes in budget/terms and it bumps the thread, sorry!

looking to buy 3 more

please convo or mail me for fastest response! will close thread when done. thanks

looking for 1 more faction fort


convo/mail me! low/high anywhere is good

Topic active again, looking for 2 more faction forts 25-35b!!

Thanks, I am online in game now!

On the prowl for more faction fortizar’s!

please convo / mail me!!!

Still buying Faction Fortizars.

Please message me or convo with what you have!

have 75bil waiting to be spent!


Activly looking for more forts.

please convo me or message me. still have 30bil to spend.

Looking for more faction fortizars!!

Please message me or convo!!!

40bil to spend at the second! more soon!!

looking for all 5 flavors!!!

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