Faction Fortizars (13) 🏡

‘Draccous’ Fortizar (5 SOLD)
‘Marginis’ Fortizar x3
‘Prometheus’ Fortizar x3 REMAINING 5 SOLD) 15b
‘Moreau’ Fortizar x1 REMAINING 55b

Cheap prices, don’t be shy to offer, except I want more than 45b for the Moreau.

I would be willing to offer 140 billion ISK for 2 of each type assuming that they are located in the Jita 4-4



WTS ‘Moreau’ Fortizar - 60b, or 330b for it all.


Updated stock, buy it all for 300b.


Bump, one green sold for 35b

Message sent

I can do your last green for 35b if it’s still available

Contracts are up for people, bump, mails replied to.

Thank you. I will accept the contract later today when I login

Contract Accepted. Pleasure doing business!

Bump, pretty good prices please send me your offers (this post is actually getting attention now…)

EDIT: Dracc forts sold for 37b (both).

ty for giving your opinion on something noone asked for it was very insightful


You are welcome man, i am just returning your favor. Besides, as opposed to you, what i am selling is actually generating profit.

Next time stay out of other people threads.

i have never posted in your thread before but ok


Bump :slight_smile: