WTS Faction Fortizars in Jita (price updated)

‘Draccous’ Fortizar
Stock: 1/2 Price: 52b

‘Horizon’ Fortizar.
Stock: Sold Price: N

‘Marginis’ Fortizar
Stock: 1/1 Price: 90b

‘Moreau’ Fortizar
Stock: 2/3 Price: 100b

‘Prometheus’ Fortizar
Stock: 2/2 Price: 35b

Let me know if you decide to sell the Marginis separately.

I’ll trade you a Mackinaw BPO for the set if you’re interested

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sry mate, wanna sell them as a combo right now, but will keep you updated if i change my mind

sry mate, wanna do isk or plex only

269b offer

still available

Only selling them all together?

yep in whole set

monthly bump

300 Bil

‘Marginis’ Fortizar 85b if you decide to split

mail replied

86B offer for marginis

How much for Draccous?

Mail replied in game.

How much was the horizon sold for?

higher than my moreau’s asking price

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