WTS Faction Citadels

x1 Draccous 29bil
x2 Prometheus 19bil
x1 Marginis 60bil

all buyout or best offer

they are currently in lower amarr

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19.5b for draccous
15b for prometheus
37b for marginis
@Zheckarr_Zateki I challenge you

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WTS Horizon fortizar 49bill

19.5 for the draccous is going to be tough to beat… I offer 19.2 tops


21bil for the dracs

23b Dracs

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Mail sent


DM sent

40 for margini

Reply Sent

17b for Prometheus

Based on previous offers and the current market price, I’d be willing to do 19.
If both are wanted then 37.

meet in the middle and do 18

45b for the marginis

Only 18.5 if you get both; hardstand.

I’m not selling below market buy price lol

Alright I’ll lower the buy price