WTS/T: Marginis faction fortizar x2 and Draccous Sale/Trade!

Hello all again.

Marginis faction fortizar x2

Draccous faction fortizar x1

Trade or Sale.



I’ll give you 30b

sent you a counter offer via eve-mail!

thanks for the offer!

I will be on later today once i’m off work.

Sounds good, thanks again for the offer.

Prometheus has been sold to pandora.

sorry Sandy!

drac Fortizar still aviliable, please make offers around 45bil


new Stock:

1 draccous and 1 Prometheus Fortizar

convo/message or post offers!

In Jita.

Prometheus has sold

Draccous Fortizar still aviliable!

dracc sold

now two new Prometheus Fortizars for sale!

convo/message I am in-game!

two shiney Prometheus forts for sale/trade.

keep them offers coming!!

items are on contracts for 33b ea.

cheapest around atm!!!

This item is still for sale/trade.

please make me offers!


Added horizon fortizar for sale/trade.

so 1 Prometheus and 1 horizon

please mail/convo offers!

I am asking 50bil obo - or trades!

acquired 2nd horizon.

please make me offers!

Horizons sold,

Marginis Fortizar x2 and Prometheus aviliable.

please convo/message offers (I am online for next few hours)

How much are you asking for the Marginis Fortizar?


Around 50b ish obo

thank you!!!