WTS Marginis Fortizar - Jita 4-4 - Sold

Selling Marginis Faction Fortizar in Jita 4-4



up and up

‘Marginis’ Fortizar ‘Prometheus’ Fortizar for are the best you would let these go for

I’m not sure I understand. Feel free to submit an offer if you’d like

how much would you let it got for

Prom I’d let go for 48b if you buy in the next 12h

one in market for 43 so your offer is to high

43 sounds like a great deal given the current market has them at 51.9


will do

so if you wanna make a deal lmk

For clarification, this post is about a Marginis Fortizar, the gallente faction fortizar for sale, not the Prometheus mentioned by John above.

Bongizar pic for good luck

to the top!

up and up

to the top

still for sale

bumping up

60b offer if you would :slight_smile:

63b offer

Thank you for the offers, still looking for a bit more