Faction Forts and Titans

  • Erebus

Located in
9NI-FW - The Machine Church (The church of Evil Justice)

If you can’t dock there, don’t buy it would be my guess.


  • Fortizars


‘Draccous’ Fortizar x2
‘Marginis’ Fortizar x3
‘Prometheus’ Fortizar x8

Any for Jita -10%.

Easier to message on discord than in eve

dexter xio#5179


Bump! - Small rep gone.

Bump! - Also got a Chameleon if anyone is interested.


WTS Chameleon btw

Capqu for CSM :slight_smile:

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୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨ SOUND THE HORDE HORN ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨

Excavator stealing man for CSM :slight_smile:

Voting for anyone who’s nerfing the Jaguar

WTS Victor too

Hey can you send me a ingame massge about the med neut

Sure, done, please reply here I don’t log into eve often atm

If dorks are payin’ almost 200b for a dumbass whiptail i won’t be accepting 200b for the Victor ty for your time :slight_smile:

Fine. 201b

dead game dead alliance wts stuff kthx

Victor sold thanks friends, also wts

‘Draccous’ Fortizar x2
‘Marginis’ Fortizar x3
‘Prometheus’ Fortizar x8

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got a price on those faction forts?

red 21 per
yellow 24 per
green 55 per

total 381b


buy the cham PLEASE ill sell it less than 300 PLEASE THANKS

also, wts VERY cool fortizars (will do discount for multiples)