WTS Faction forts - In high sec close to jita - new prices

I have 2 faction forts for sale. Close to Jita - all high sec 2 jumps out

1 x Draccous Fortizar @ 23.5 Bil per unit
1 x Horizon Fortizar @ 50 Bil per unit

Dont log this toon on much so bids on the forum please

Successful bids will have the fort contracted to them via private contracts i set up




Bump! replied to mails ingame

I will buy all. Contract to me please.

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Contracts are up @Amrastion

im interested in the dracous… is one still for sale?

I got another Moreu Faction Fort for you as well same price close to jita by interest let me know :slight_smile:

Bump contract didnt get accepted so for sale again !

1 Drac sold ingame. @Nakranoth_Milesios if your still looking for a Drac feel free to message me ingame

Bump to the top. Updated the prices


Bump to the top

Bump sold both Moreau Fortizar. Added another Drac fort


Bump to the top

Bump get your Christmas faction forts here

18b buy offer

Thanks for the free bump :slight_smile: offer is way to low

18,5b its christmas :frowning:

Bump and happy new year :smile: