WTS Faction forts - In high sec close to jita - new prices

(Jita trading Kusoni) #1

I have 4 faction forts for sale. Close to Jita - all high sec 2 jumps out

3 x Draccous Fortizar @ 23.5 Bil per unit
1 x Horizon Fortizar @ 50 Bil per unit

Dont log this toon on much so bids on the forum please

Successful bids will have the fort contracted to them via private contracts i set up


(Jita trading Kusoni) #2


(Jita trading Kusoni) #3


(Jita trading Kusoni) #4

Bump! replied to mails ingame

(Amrastion) #5

I will buy all. Contract to me please.

(Jita trading Kusoni) #6

Contracts are up @Amrastion

(Nakranoth Milesios) #7

im interested in the dracous… is one still for sale?

(Legit Salesgirl) #8

I got another Moreu Faction Fort for you as well same price close to jita by interest let me know :slight_smile:

(Jita trading Kusoni) #9

Bump contract didnt get accepted so for sale again !

1 Drac sold ingame. @Nakranoth_Milesios if your still looking for a Drac feel free to message me ingame

(Jita trading Kusoni) #10

Bump to the top. Updated the prices

(Jita trading Kusoni) #11


(Jita trading Kusoni) #12

Bump to the top

(Jita trading Kusoni) #13

Bump sold both Moreau Fortizar. Added another Drac fort

(Jita trading Kusoni) #14