Faction Fortizars (13) 🏡

Bump, still cheap to buy…


Yellow fort sold!

Real cheap (between buy and sell ofc)

I can do a Prometheus for 11b if that works for you

no lol bump

Ok, how much would you like for one?

Jita has them hovering 18b, how about 13.5?

That works for me. Contract to this toon and I’ll accept when I get home.

Send me a mail with what you have left and a price for the last ones im interested in buying all of them

Just make sure you get me that prom for 13.5 before selling the rest of your stock off :wink:

Mail sent

Looking to buy a x1 Drac Fort or out of whatever stock you may left.

I would like 17.5b for Dracc and 55b for Moreau!

Shoot me a mail in game when you’ve contracted the prom. Hoping to purchase and anchor before this weekend. Thanks!

Contracts up for 3 individuals… please accept (trying to spread out forts, being nice and all)

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Contracted rejected on the basis i wanted both of the ones we spoke about not just the mor

Thank you anyway

Contract accepted. Pleasure doing business again!

Thanks for accepting contracts, one was rejected because he couldn’t wait half a day.

WTS 1x dracc, 3x prom, 1x mor

if your talking about me then i rejected it because the prices i agreed to where on the basis i got sold both of the ones we spoke about, if not then i am still waiting for you to put the contract up for both assuming you havnt sold them