WTS `Moreau` Faction Fort

Best faction fortizar, located in hisec

50 bil

55b offered, isk ready

can offer 56b if moved to jita

still for sale

Will you accept two amarr forts in trade?

Only raw isk

still for sale

still for sale

still for ssale

I can offer the two dracc forts +10 billion negotiable. Amarr dracc forts go for 30 bill ish in game.

still for sale

I also have one for sale

price change, still for sale

message sent

I’ll take it for 50b. Send a contract to Mom’s Packed Lunches for 50b and I’ll accept within 24h

contact up

Accepted. Cheers

Don’t suppose you want another one do you for 50b also ?

Not atm, but feel free to EVEmail me with details on location, etc… I may be in the market again soon

It’s in amarr brah