WTS one ‘Moreau’ Fortizar

As title i would like to sell one ‘Moreau’ Fortizar , it is currently in Amarr and we are open to decent offers

We are looking for about 60b

How many of these things are left given all the shenanigans of late

Exactly the same amount.

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Judge that is disheartening as I want mine to increase in value :slight_smile:

Still looking for iskis :+1:

Check Indy boy he’s selling one for 65 bill. My best offer to you is 60.

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I acept the offer of 60b

Would u like me to contract it to you ?

Is that a drop… how do you come by those?

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Bump and price drop

holly i am currently liquadating my two amarr forts. if you can wait i will buy for 60 billion.

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ok my friend

ill hold it for you

Bumping to the top

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