WTS 'Moreau' Fortizar, stolen from Goons

As said above, I’m selling a ‘Moreau’ Fortizar, part of the 1DQ heist. It is located in Amarr.

I’ll only pay attention to offers of 100b or more. You can reach me ingame at this character, or post your offers here publicly.

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100b offer

I am going to be entertaining offers for roughly a week, or until I see something good enough to bite right away.

lol is this all you got from the heist? I really hope not because goons have been making a fool of you in public by saying that you barely stole anything and that most of the clones survived…

When are you going to wipe the smirk off their faces?

Reveal the loot!

The Moreau has an ingame offer of 120b. Unless any better offers show up it should be gone by tonight.

It has sold already, so this topic can be closed.

Sold for 120 then?

Bob have mercy on me I eat my earlier words. Jay, you are my hero.

I heard there’s a video, anyone got a link?

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