WTS Moreau Fortizar

Located in Perimeter.

1x Moreau, 70b

35b for both Prometheus

38b and they’re yours

If you’re still interesting in your offer, mail me ingame ^^

Sorry I pass at 38b for now.

Both Prometheus sold, looking for offers on the Moreau ^^

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I am interested are you available to chat ingame?

Thanks for the good deal. Have a good one

Feel free to mail me ingame or convo me if I’m online (which I am now:)! )

still for sale:)

still avail!

buy my super cool faction fort

probably a decent investment as the drifters blow more and more up!!

is your coalition prepping for blackout? buy a new faction fort to secure your space even more!

feel free to make an offer!

though if you mail me, let me know <3

bing bang boom buy my fort

50 bil

Looking for a little more than 50b, thank you for the interest though:)

What about 55B then. This is the average price between the buy and sell

56 bil

57B here :slight_smile: