WTB Focused Caps

WTB a focused dread or carrier pilot. Any dread and carrier welcome! 15-20Bil range please

What price range are u looking at

Nothing above 30b

Really need a cap alt literally any dread or carrier sitter. Just has to sit in it.


What about this one? :smile:

Not an alt tho , full skilled Nag Pilot

I would love that chat but I don’t think I have enough isk :frowning: I only have 15on hand right now. How much do you want for it?

All good. Wasn’t sure if i want to sell him just saw ur post and thought if there is a good offer i had take it

good night

I could get more isk. Do you have a price?

Just did some very basic math , 30b it is worth if i would extract him + transfer fee 35b?

Nvm im good lmao


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