WTB Focused Indy Pilot Only

This means a toon with no Wasted SP, meaning if you trained anything on it outside of Spaceship Command, Engineering, Armor, Shields, Drones, Fleet Support, Trade, Production, Science, Resource Processing, Planet Management, and maybe Structure Management then I don’t really care about it or paying extra for it.

Prefer to see focused toons in anything and everything Industry spec and trade

Link your toons here!

Do you simply want production slots?
Do you want planetary industry?
Do you want reactions?
Or are you looking for specialized science skills for T2 production?

Industry covers a lot of aspects, just trying to figure out specifics of your request.

Having said that, I am for sale (I have my own thread) but here is my
EveSkillboard - Magnus Flagrifer.

I might have a lot more skills than you want to pay for, since I can for example fly a backpack Bifrost, although the skills for it are in your listed groupings.

Anyway, good luck in your hunt, let me know if I might fill your required niche.

Yeah you have way way more SP than is necessary for industry. I couldn’t buy that toon, though anyone would like to have it I am sure.

No worries, just trying to interact with our community.
Best of luck in your search.

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