WTB Industry/Scien Pilot

Topic says it.

make me an Offer with your Toons. not need any other Skills.

He should be able to make Copy all kinds of Blueprints and build all ships under capital size.

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Got this guy for sale, trained only for building. 32.5m SP.

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what will be the price?

Hmm, What about 30b? Most other people will charge you over 1b per million SP.

nice toon, but he got a lot of skills that i dont need sorry. dont need Jump skills or something like that.

but thank you for the Offer

No worries, good luck :slight_smile:

still searching

Still searching for an Industry and Science Toon

Hi there please look at my Sale thread here

all info you want to look at is there and you can respond there if your interested

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