[SOLD] WTS 4.4m SP Industry: Bowhead / Freighter / Barges / Trade

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Can Fly:
:sparkles: Charon / Bowhead / Barges / Noctis

Trade Skills:
:fireworks: 53 max orders / 1% transaction tax / 3% base broker / Buy&Sell&Modify @ 10 jumps

Other Notes:
:blue_heart: Located at Jita 4-4 / Positive wallet
:blue_heart: Industry @ level 5 (unlocks a lot of blueprint use, can manufacture lots of things)

Hello, 1b.

clearly not worth even 2b

but good char

biomass it? :thinking:

No-no. Wait a bit. May be there will be smbody, who will offer you more. Actually I might have been that guy, but I already reserved my iskies for a slightly better toon and another project. Which is rather sad :frowning:

What is your best price for that one, mate? You’ll make it easier, if you just tell. May be I’ll buy it, really.

I originally posted it as ‘starting at 5b’ but it didnt seem to gain views or clicks. If it is less than 3.5b I would just kill it tbh. I am sort of just now realizing what the alpha clone, multi license, and SP farmers have done to the bazaar market. It’s just not like it used to be, so if this is how things are valued I would just biomass since I don’t need these skills anyways

I appreciate your answers though, thanks

5b is a bit too mucn, since it only has 4m sp.
3.5, or close to 4b… well that can be fairly enough price. May be 4b is sliiiiightly too much over the line.

I thought that SP farmers made the toons more expensive, since you gotta count those ‘brain bottles’ in each character, too

I actually would love to have this toon, but you wouldnt wait a week or too, right?

Perhaps you are right about SP cost, I just come from a time when it was worth selling since the time spent training was valuable so it was a win/win for both parties.

I wouldn’t mind waiting, if you are interested.

I was actually just thinking that maybe I just value it incorrectly. I think of it as 350-400m used to be the cost of a plex so relatively speaking a 1billion offer now is like a 270m offer back then. (which is why I think its devalued because I look at it now and think yea why not buy a ~1bil multi license or inject what you need)

Ill do 3.5bill for her, Id prefer a remap but ill make it work.

Ok, I accept your offer

isk and deets sent

Confirming I received the ISK and destination account details. I have submitted the Character Transfer

Best of luck with that cool toon, sir :grin:

2OP - perhaps you might put some effort into a toon-growing farm, so we can buy some cool starter toons in the future at the affordable price! :slight_smile:

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