WTB low-sp Starter Industry: Bowhead/Barges/Trade


Im looking for a brand new industry toon. It must not be very skilled, as my budged is somewhat limited.

Budget: hidden, make me an offer

But the industry toon must have the following features:

• A nice name (most important thing ever)
• Clear corp history

• Bowhead
• Blockade Runners
• Freighters (any single one)
• Barges (T2 preferably)
• Reprocessing Ore skills (for playing with moon goo)
• Orca (somewhat decent)
• Starter industry skills (to build tons of T1/T2 stuff for the corp, T2 mostly in fits and small ships)
• Starter Science skills (to copy bpo, etc at a faster rate than a default dude would do)
• Good Trading skills (to sell stuff at the best price)

Please do not offer me “ultimate” characters with “full package” etc crap like that. I will not BUY that kind of crap. I will not need it in the near future.

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