WTB - INDY toon. (manufacturing and inventing)

Want to Buy.

Industrial toon skilled for manufacturing amd inventing. Mining skills is a bonus.

Show me what you have.
Isk waiting

considering selling my indy/science alt, give me an offer :slight_smile:


22Bil ISK ready now

22.5 billion

23Bil offer now

23.5 billion

24Bil offer ISK ready

24.01 billion

24.5 billion

Are you gonna be a child?

Just a bit of fun … calm down :slight_smile:

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apologize for late answer, IRL interfered.
29b and its yours

Offering 29 Bil B/O. Account info and isk will be sent on confirmation. I’ll wait for 24 hours. If you accept the offer, please start a new forum post and address info such as kill rights and wallet balance etc. Thank you.