WTB Focused Mining Toon[closed]

Looking to purchase a focused mining toon.

Must have skills
Mining Barge V
Astrogeology V
Mining V
Mining Upgrades IV
Drones V
Mining Drone Operation IV
Light Drone Operation IV
Target Management IV

Additional Nice to have skills
PI skills
Interceptor Skills/cyno Skills(I am preferably looking for non-amar toons as I would like to be able to make this a cyno toon if needed)
Exhumer Skills(maybe not looking to pay to much extra for these as I don’t expect to use them).

Drop me links budgeting something in the region of 4b-5b but maybe able to stretch a bit for higher sp toons as long as they have min skills required.


P.S. if there is something obvious I have missed off the essential skills please lmk and I’ll update it thx.

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