Wtb mining barge pilot dont care if they are a stipped character

want to buy 6 mining barge pilots with about 5-8 million skill points. if they are a stripped toon that is ok just need the three skills that i linked.

i want to spend 3-5 b per toon. please send skill board. please have
mining barge 5
mining 5
mining up grades 4.

that is all i require for skills but if there are drone skills that is ok as well. if you have more than one toon that is ok as well i just need a total of 6 toons.’

fly safe

Hi there, I bought 1 month of additional skill training for a PI / mining toon, and at the end of the period it will have the below mentioned skills, but by no means 6m+ SP.

I noticed I don’t really have enough time to do meaningful mining on a second toon, and should have just injected for PI on my main. If that would interest you I can link my char later, currently online on mobile.

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