WTB Two Skiff Pilots


(Verrathien) #1

Skills looking for are:

Mining Barge V
Exhumers IV (Optional)
Astrogeology V
Mining V

Support skills are added value, but not required.

Please place share your price here or contact me in game.

(Verrathien) #2


(Verrathien) #3

bumpy rideā€¦

(Gerald Mardiska) #4

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Eilos_Faringen he doesent have exhumers 5 but hes got the rest to 5. Someone is currently offering 40b. Hes a decent industrial toon.

(Verrathien) #5

@Gerald Mardiska Sorry, this account is too expensive for me. Looking for a mining alt, not primary account.

Only required mining skills are sufficient to have.

To give an idea, alt char with 4M-8M SP with mining capabilities is more than enough.

(Verrathien) #6

Bump it

(Verrathien) #7

Bump bump and bump

(system) #8

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