WTB Mining Barge Pilots


(Siro Kuroi) #1

Looking for miner/PI character. Include link to skills
currently online and accepting offers.

(Siro Kuroi) #2


(aro Naari) #3

Exhumer Pilot

+5 Implants
Exhumer 5

http://eveboard.com/pilot/aro_Naari (12345)

(Siro Kuroi) #5

b/o offer

(Siro Kuroi) #6


(aro Naari) #7

8B :slight_smile:

(Siro Kuroi) #8


(Ella Kusoni) #9


Password: 12345

Exhumers 5
Mining 5
Mining Barge 5
Mining Upgrades 4

BO: 4.5B

(Siro Kuroi) #10

Can you please confirm you accept my offer?

(system) #11

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