WTB high end subcap pvp focused pilot (min 80m sp) budget 120b

Post skill sheet and b/o. You pay fee as per rules. If you have wasted sp at 80m dont post. Some wasted sp is ok ABOVE 90m depending on allocation.

I have a pvp focused pilot with just under 85M sp’s.
Focused pvp toon from day 1 of training. All t3 subs to V. I don’t think i have any wasted sp’s for what you want, currently traing command ships V and only 7 days from completion.
I am in no rush to sell but for the right offer i may consider.
Anyway here’s the char link let me know if it ticks your boxes and you want to make an offer, https://www.qsna.eu/eve/characters/92808186/skills

Best regards

Solid char, some wasted sp in leadership/sup ships & trade but I will offer 95b. Thanks for sharing!


Well, I had a figure in my head and you just hit it bang on the money, lets do the deal at 95B.

Isk and acct info sent!

Isk received and character transfer initiated, fees paid my end.

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