[WTB] Buying most assets from most k-space locations in EVE, HS/LS/Nullsec.

High value items are only wanted >10b

Each asset will be quoted on a case-by-case basis, pricing will be done based on the following criteria:

  • Location - Depth from Jita or to nearest LS system to Jita depending on asset/ Man hours required to move
  • Location - Risk level of asset extraction
  • Location - Complexity of being able to access said asset if in a restricted location
  • Size/Type - Certain volumes and/or ship types
  • Realistic Market Pricing
  • Minimum Profit Margin Requirement

This service is spanned across a vast network of individuals, as mentioned /all/ locations and assets will be considered.

Pre-warning - Expect all pricing to be below market buy orders, as this is only meant to be used as a quick liquidation service - if you want market prices for your stuff, move it yourself.

Please eve mail ‘Caught Jerking Off’ with either a listing of your items or an evepraisal link (https://evepraisal.com/) - do not post specific asset listings here, you may post if you have mailed me.

Kind Regards,


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