WTB Incursion/Combat pilot

As per title. Looking for a decent incursion or combat character, open to all SP amounts. Will also consider toons with good core skills.

Bump, still looking. Preference would be Gallente/Gallente skills.

I purchase this character some days ago for an experiment in Weapons, i can resell now.


17.5m skill points heavy in drones, heavy in medium turrets.

Have some kill rights but i move with him for jita without problems all the weekned.

  • very near to use machariel smartbomber
  • have large laser turret to v
  • very balanced, only low in missiles.

How much do you want?

Well, is balanced, skill points are 10b, but the initial 5m, and have the kill rights

12 b ?

i can send in three hours, receivinbg other toon in the same account.

Hmm, it’s more than I wanted to drop on a toon and I find the name stupid :stuck_out_tongue: .

no problem

Daily bump, still looking.

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