WTB Indy Char

I could go up to 9b. I gotta head off too so let me know tomorrow if you accept. Thanks.

A little closer to 10b and you got yourself a deal!

I’d like to get just a little more than 9b since I have to pay two character transfer fees to get them to you.

They also have some implants that are worth some if you plan to sp farm them or train any further.

Plus they are way prettier than all the ugly mugs on here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I got another offer for 10b. Want to match or beat it? I’d prefer to sell them to you over someone who is just going to melt them down to be honest.

Sorry to jump in, but I will offer 11B. Most certainly not going to melt them down…that’s a horrid end to a character in Eve!

–Sellena (mailed you from Samira)

I can do 10b but at 11 it’s not worth for me. Still looking for chars if others are selling

@Sellena_Rockefeller I’ll get the wheels rolling here in a little when I’m out of meetings. Thanks for putting them to use. They were created years ago and basically just sat there ever since. So when returning to the game I figure I’d adopt them out to a more loving, non-melting in a pit of fire, home.

@Avcies_Kautsuo sorry for not taking your offer but best of luck getting other toons. Unless of course you want to keep bidding :slight_smile:

can I get this toon for 6B?https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Athenia_Astera

The current offer is 11B for both. They are sisters and will only be split up if I get a sufficient amount for it. Which is currently over 11B.

Should I send the isk now, or?

@Sellena_Rockefeller I have never sold to a WTB before. Do I need to make a private sale post to you or if you send isk and I accept here is that good enough? They comply with all requirements like positive wallet, sec status, located in highsec, no kill rights, and I’ll drop them into an NPC Corp when I get on to do the transfers here in an hour or so.

@YoYoMommy you mean they will only be sold together?

@BELVIN I mean he’s willing to buy both so he can have both. You aren’t beating his offer so there is no need to sell one to you for less than he’s paying. If you want to beat his offer feel free to. But no need to sell you one and not sell the other if someone is willing to take both at the same or better rate than you offered.

@Sellena_Rockefeller Both toons are now in NPC corps. Awaiting your ISK and mail as to what accounts to transfer them into.


Here is a private sale thread. I think i’m supposed to make a thread for the sale, idk never done this before haha.

Update: Sold!

Daily bump. Still looking for sellers

Check out my Sale, What do you think?

Looking for something more focused in the indy side. Sorry but thanks for the offer.



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