WTB JF Pilot - Paying Above Extraction Value

Pilot acquired.

some offers available here

Bump. Still looking.


EveSkillboard - Jac Anstian my baby

Thanks for posting. Honestly, that’s quite a bit more SP than I’ve budgeted for and I don’t want to waste your time with a bad offer. I could still do above extractor value, but not much.

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I am for sale - 14m sp JDC V / JFC V / JF V - Amarr/Minmatar/Caldari Freighter IV


Me too.

17m SP - JDC V / JFC V / JF V - Caldari Freighter IV - Cyno V - Cov Ops Minmatar.


7b offer

5.2b offer

Cheetah Cheeseburger I will offer 5.7 B

Elephant Omelette I will offer 7.2 B

Brock Khans I will offer 18 B

6b offer

7.5b offer

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