WTB Jump Freighter Pilot

(Katie Tsukaya) #1

Show me what you have!

High budget.

Jump Drive Calibration V needed

(Katie Tsukaya) #2


(Shark Utrigas) #3

i have one to show but eveboard is freaking out and it wont show its details

(Shark Utrigas) #4

here we go got it 2 work

(Katie Tsukaya) #5

Thank you for your interest!

How much for this pilot friend? :smiley:

(Shark Utrigas) #6

12B sound reasonable?

(Katie Tsukaya) #7

That sounds fair.

Transferring isk shortly (first biomassing character, 10 hours)

(Shark Utrigas) #8

whenever you are ready send evemail with the account name and ill begin transfer

(Shark Utrigas) #9

you still want this toon?

(system) #10

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