WTB Low SP Char from 2003

Im interessted. Your price?

got some 2006 ones if keen - no issues if not :slight_smile:

and up

still looking for a low SP Char from 2003/2004

to much SP. Sorry mate.

got one from 2007 http://eveboard.com/pilot/Sardaukar_Warrior

I have 3 characters from July of 2004 if you are interested

@Lin_Kisara I#m. Please show me more.


The other two please?

Eveboard is being stupid right now for some reason. The other two are Pukto and Gothminister(dont judge me this was 14 years ago). They have like 800k sp and same creation date

I’m interested Kigori, how much you want?

@Lin_Kisara Okay, whats the prices?

This one here sold for 4.1B. Howabout 5B?

Don’t think that your character can reach your expectations but you can try to put him on auction.

Would you do 4B?

im not tempted yet.

WIch char are U selling. Little confused xd