Plato - DOB May 12, 2003 - 24mil SP - Minmatar PvP Focus

(Xeno Dragoon) #1

DOB May 12, 2003

Empty clone in Jita

Wallet will be empty at sale and some random assets are included.

I started my eve career playing with this toon when I was in my early teens… I’m in my mid thirties now

He deserves a good home!

Thanks for looking.

WTB Low SP Char from 2003
(QueenOfEast) #2


(Ronni Ormand) #3


(Beekillrz) #4


(Ronni Ormand) #5


(Avallah) #6

Regarding to character bazaar rules pilot which you link should confirm in this thread that he is for sale.

(Xeno Dragoon) #7

sure, I’ll jump on and post from the toon tonight

(plato) #8


I am for-sale

(Ronni Ormand) #9

19.5 offer still stands for 12h

(Violent Disposition) #10

20 bil

(Violent Disposition) #12

I already bid 20 but will raise to 20.5 online now Isk ready

(Xeno Dragoon) #13

Thank you guys for the bids! I am going to keep the auction open as bids are still trickling in.


(Violent Disposition) #14

How much to B/O today? I like the toon, crappy kill board but I will fix that… He will be in good hands with me!!

(Xeno Dragoon) #15


(plato) #16

Character is still for sale!

(system) #17

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