WTS 14m SP Tengu Pilot

Hi there, I am up for sale. I was born February 05 2012.

eveboard link: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Gerald_Halloway

Currently located in Jita IV 4
No Corp History
Positive ISK
No asset
No kill right, no bounty, no jump clone
4 cheap basic implants
2 remap available

Starting at 10b isk to this character.

Please reply in this thread, I don’t check in game mail.


10 here.

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Thanks for the bids guys, I will end this sale when I get home tonight around 11pm UTC. Highest bid wins :joystick:

11.5 Bil

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Ok, I’m leaving work now. I should be home in 15 minutes.

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@Briist Please transfer isk to me. I will start transfer when I receive it. Thanks everyone for participating!

ISK and info sent

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@Briist The deed is done. Character is on its way. Fly safe.

Character Name: Gerald Halloway
Will be completed after: 11/21/2017 12:37:50 PM

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