14.5m SP Tengu Pilot, focused , DED 10/10 solo ready, 14b buyout


Located in Jita
Positive Isk Balance
1.72 Sec status
No kill rights available ( for or against )
Character was Made in 2011
Comes with full grade 3-4 implants based around 10/10 ded site soloing ( in the eveskillboard link )

bids start at 10b
buyout at 14b

does she have standings toward level 4 missions ?

I will take that 14b if available, and hyasuda is at 6.4 standing and can already do level 4s

I will be heading into work at 430pm est , if i dont hear back from you before that time frame i wont be able to start the character transfer until 3am tomorrow morning when i get off of work Banker. In the meantime i will be accepting offers still unless you get back to me.

Bump 1

agreed ingame
Isk and account name sent


Confirmed isk and account name was sent , Starting Character transfer now , Pleasure doing business with you, and enjoy the pilot :slight_smile:

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