WTB low SP Starter Subcap-Exclusive PVP character


One of the following:

  • 2 bonus remaps (2 + yearly is ideal!)
  • 1 bonus remap and yearly available
  • 1 bonus and already mapped to Intel/Memory or Perception/Willpower

All of the following:

  • Ability to fly one: Gallente, Minmatar or Amarr Interceptor
  • T2 Medium and Light drones/Drones V
  • Perfect core/fitting skills (AWU IV acceptable.)
  • Propulsion Jamming V
  • Science V
  • Target Management V + Advanced Target Management IV
  • Signature Analysis V
  • Long Range Targeting V
  • At least can inject or has already injected or trained HAC/AF/Dictors/Recon/Logistics Cruisers
  • Able to enter High sec without getting shot by any of the empire NPC’s/guns
  • wallet at or above Zero.

Right now I’m putting out feelers for what I can afford and what is available. I’m interested in hearing your offers and seeing what your characters can do. I am looking for a low to moderately skilled starter toon. Don’t hesitate to post characters that have a bit more skillpoints than that (my range I’m looking at is around 20-25 mil SP at the higher end) but if the price is right and the skills are there I’ll entertain higher SP characters as well. I’m mostly looking for characters that already have core and fitting skills out of the way, leaving me to be able to branch out into whatever types of ships I care to at the subcap level. ANY racially focused character is acceptable, just needs to be able to fly a non-caldari interceptor is all.

Still looking, pm your characters ingame or list them here if you prefer.

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