WTB main toon

I have around 170 billion as this is posted and I’m looking to invest in a main, needs everything subcap and no wasted skills in industry or research.

Please link me something worth while

Perfect Paladin + Vargur + Leshak + Vindicator + Machariel + Bhaalgorn
All perfect Large T2 Guns
All Perfect t2 Logi + Nestor
Roll Matar Carrier + FAX
Perfect Zirnitra
Perfect EDENCOM BS + Cruisers
All Recons + HACs + HDs
Dictors, Assault Frigs, t3D & etc.
Obelisk + 3 races T2 Industrials (Haulers)

High grade Amulet
High grade Cristal
Full Gunolution set
Other clones

All perfect support skills for flyble ships.

Very good & focused main. Good = expancive.

Link not opening, maybe something to do with the current log in issue

Still looking guys

Still looking for options