WTB Mercoxit miner or Exhumer V


(WhoreMiner) #1

WTB mercoxit miner and or exhumer V pilot !

plenty of isk is ready to buy quickly!!!

(Sasha Greenstar) #2

(L0CAL H3R0) #3

this is my alt… little more than im looking to spend but tyvm :slight_smile:

(Sasha Greenstar) #4

Make me offer, may be ill accept it

(L0CAL H3R0) #5

sorry i have 20b liquid is all

(Sasha Greenstar) #6


(L0CAL H3R0) #7

whats lowest you can do

(Sasha Greenstar) #8

27b and If no one offers more (will wait 1 day)

(L0CAL H3R0) #9

if u ever decide can come down to 25B i can insta sell some assets and buy … wish you luck either way !

(L0CAL H3R0) #11

ill work on that … what would transfer be money or ticket

(Sasha Greenstar) #12


(L0CAL H3R0) #13

wish had some production skills :smiley:

(Sasha Greenstar) #15

If u are still interesting, ill agree for 25b.

(L0CAL H3R0) #16

still doing 25? and do u have the clothes still?

(Sasha Greenstar) #17

Standard clothes, but 3ккк assets across galaxy) yep 25 (if u agree… post it in my topic and we will start)

(Gary Bell) #18

check this out

(Galby Gaterau) #19

if you are still looking for
exhumer 5
no deepcore mining tho

(system) #20

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