WTB Mine BPO's

Buying the following mine BPO’s

Reply to thread or mail me in-game with BPO and your price.

2 month bump, lol.

Hate to tell you this but there are no Asp or Cobra mine BPO’s.
Also what are you offering for the others ?

Thought I would cover those 2 to be sure, I have heard that there weren’t but also had heard there were some that existed. And I have not been in the game since 2004 so, I don’t know firsthand.

Unfortunately for an offer, I would struggle to make an accurate appraisal to offer a fair amount. I’ve seen everything from 300 million to 15 billion. Pretty sure that guy said he had Asp and Cobra bpo’s so I don’t know how accurate that 15b price was. Feel free to shoot me your price and we can go from there.

-Edited post for purchased BPO. Still looking for the other.


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