WTS/A Asp and Cobra Mine

Start Bid: 1 bil
Increment: 500 mil
End date: March 4th, 2023 @ 7:00 PM CST
Sniper Rule: 30 minutes




I’ll start with 1b. Though I wonder do BPOs exist in game for these two mines? I know that there are BPOs for the Python and Anaconda, but not sure about these two. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

BPOs do not exist for these afaik… though here’s a pic of the others…
No longer own… had several of the Anaconda and Python Mine BPOs


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Thank you for answering! Hehehe looking at your screenshots is like taking a trip down memory lane. Eve has come a long way for sure!

Going cheap!

Still have the t2 mining cryatal bpo?

The windows OS taskbar is a giveaway…

If that does not clear things up, see the date on the bottom right

I’ll put in a 3b bid

I’ll take my bid to 3.5b

I guess I won =)
Send the contract and I’ll accept it when I log in tomorrow morning.

Contract up!

Lol i still got 10 of each lying around…should consider selling them too.

How much do the Python and Anaconda go for?

You’d know more than I would.

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